F- Forgiveness

Have you ever had your heart broken to pieces? Been decieved or disappointed by someone you love, be it a family member or friend? Been taken advantage of or abandoned in a time of need? Yes. We’ve all been there and we’ve all managed to bounce back. In these instances you often hear one phrase ” forgive”.

I grappled with this, struggled with forgiveness, such a big word, such a deep act of selflessness. How can you forgive someone who did you wrong? Accept the fact that you will never receive an apology, accept someone caused you pain, accept someone hurt you consciously.

What one discovers in the end is that forgiveness is the path to healing, and it starts by forgiving yourself. A part of you blames yourself for allowing the deciet, lies, inappropriate behavior, not seeing you were taken advantage of. But true forgiveness is a metaphysical tool, it heals the past and hence changes your future for the better. And just like that…when you forgive you are liberated, unburdened and at peace.

Forgiveness is essentially empowerment, a demonstration of self love.

Though a challenging voluntary process, it is the healthiest path forward, to acknowledge the wound, forgive your missteps or misjudgement and forgive others.

It requires self reflection, to be able to see other’s perspectives, reasoning and behavior from a Birdseye view. To allow your heart to fill with so much compassion that forgiveness is your only medicine, your only salvation.

It isn’t something you do for the person who wronged you, it is something you do for YOU. Though an arduous journey, it is possible because we are designed to heal, we are designed to move forward and we are most definitely designed to love.


E- Ego

Strapped in a sea of so many who’s and what’s we are, we sometimes forget why and how we got to where we are.

I remember a time which left me believing I was above all else, at times invincible.

Finding who I was through others was the real understanding of where I really was. Being able to now know that iwas just like everybody else in the race, no better or worse, just normal, or abnormal to some.

Because from all the journeys I indulged in, the greatest was me, and I love that it continues. Finding mine, just like you will find yours, I’m scared, but my ego can never get in the way. My process has only just begun.

Tupac Shakur once said ‘I would rather a hundred people have a different opinion of me than all of them having the same opinion’.

Opinions shape us, fortunately and unfortunately. But having the mindset to listen and allow for personal growth is the key, not letting it break you is what counts most.

Because at times, OPINIONS HURT, pierce through our egos; “You don’t write well, your grammar is bad, you’re fat, too tall, hairy, you work out too much, you’re clothes a little out there”. People forget how fragile we are, I am but a man and I can break too, I cry and I feel pain. My pride too gets and has been bruised many a time.

Just like a brain, everyone has an opinion.

But, don’t ever forget, everyone thinks differently, the beauty is our individuality.

That alone holds so many special elements beyond the who and what we are, it brings you the answers to why and how. Take the next moments to understand yourself for a second and see how powerful you are, you are the source of empowerment.

D- Dreamer

Today’s post is for the one, it may not be for everyone. It’s for the dreamer, the one they say has their head in the clouds. Dreams aren’t just made for the night, or even the day. Dreams fit into the crevices of the inner being, and they are created from hopefulness and faith in what’s to come. There are too many of us that categorise ambition, vicariously handed a box to place our thoughts in and go about our day, never taking a second notice of what we earlier believed in.

The pragmatic dreamer, we are told that our thoughts and plans are impractical and improbable, but I’m here to tell you, without your dreaming, without your observance and light in this overly conscious society, people are unable to reach into their subconscious, therefore creating a motherboard of followers, and not enough leaders.

A spontaneous outcry, we feed off positivity, but the more you dream expect disbelief, because as we dream, we also face the hardship from the process, a constant battle, similar to what Jamie Lee Curtis once said:

‘Stay on the bus…the scenery will change. You think you’re having a bad week, but stay on the bus, because one of these days you’ll look out the window and it’ll be beautiful’.

The hell with negativity and being judged for your free spirited nature, your dreaming, show them how you feel, express your inner most workings, because that doesn’t just make you a dreamer, it makes you someone who knows what they want, a rare quality.

C- Compassion

I don’t feel I judge people on what title they hold, what they wear, their likes or dislikes, or social status but I am at a point where there is one quality I will judge your being on, and that is Compassion.

Like the tiger, this magnificent human quality is sadly in extinction. This ability to alleviate the suffering of others, to comprehend wholeheartedly the struggles and pain of others enriches your soul, builds your character and takes you to a supreme level of being. That level frees your mind, liberates you from the ordinary, and your vision of others, life and this world is so much beyond mere empathy.

With this comes sincerity and being the authentic you, without any judgement, you simply feel. You feel utter awareness of the interdependence of all things. You dethrone yourself from the centre of your world to put others in that place. This can be exemplified in the simplest of every day gestures of kindness, respect, a salutation, a helping hand, advocating for others, encouragement, or choosing your words consciously.

“It’s the knowledge that there can never really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace and joy finally for you too”.

This sentence encompasses my definition of Compassion. This quality is something we should all practice daily, just as kindness, empathy and showing gratitude.

Compassion brings us to stop and evaluate and rise above ourselves, it is indeed the secret of happiness in my eyes because the secret of happiness lies in our interactions with others. If those interactions are positive so will your life be. How you decide to approach this is entirely up to you, whether it is giving to a charity your passion lies in, being helpful and loving, being connected, displaying concern, or being mindful. Every little act adds a layer of goodness to your being and soul.

B- Belief

The three words we always say but doubt, at least once in our lives, ‘Faith, Hope and Belief’. Somewhat like the words ‘I love you’, said but sometimes forsaken.

Belief is accepting something exists, even without proof of its existence. Accepting that you are here, and very much in the now! That is the fundemental meaning of belief. Now belief also means holding your values close by, letting your core feel how strong your passion is in your ‘something’.

Faith and Hope regard belief as the binding agent that set the three in motion for true reign, by this I dont mean, reign over your life,conquering each obstacle as it comes. Do not hit these things with just drive and ambition, combat them with love and prosperity. Acceptance then becomes that much easier because you faught emotion with love, and not rage.

Love; a vital role within belief.

I once read, ‘If you are the same person before and after you have loved, have you truly loved?’. We are shaped by the very beliefs we have, our individual values are brought to surface through a cosmic light that is aligned by true love and belief.

What if i told you life is a process, not an end goal. Most people believe, what’s the point if we can’t see the fruits of our labour. Of course we expect prize and rightfully so. Whether love or labour, the point should be, how it made you feel in that moment and in the process. If any negativity is attached, move on, there’s another chapter waiting to be embraced by you.

I can tell you to stop waiting, stop procrastinating and allow for that magic within you to flow for a better year or life. But the reality is, this is you in the now and you are already there. Flicking on that switch, activating yourself and accepting who you are in this instance! This is the only way to move directly into who you want to become. Be comfortable in every decision, whether dangerous or not, take it in with a long deep breath and exhale with clarity.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath.
Ask yourself, have I believed in me today, I mean truly believed in yourself, if yes, carry on, and continue to be the best version of you, right now.

If no, just try, don’t give up, your bus ride continues down this road and there will be stops where you feel you want to get off, but only go where you need to be, not want to be.

A- Adaptability

One day, don’t we all categorise our lives at ‘One day’ or ‘Day one’- It’s always a monday and it happens to start at 9am.

Why do we conform to the ‘norm’ or the ‘conventions’ of society; When productivity is an individual realm.

If I could give you any successful advice, it would be, ‘be different’ and ‘seek contentment’, That alone is success. Don’t see this as not being ambitious, It is simply a broader goal to seek the key to your own heart, Instead of allowing another person to open a door to a place you should selfishly walk into first.

Change should never be an objective, if develop in a process, no matter the outcome, There is always an improvement. Measure achievements in desire not accreditation, And you will see the difference between passion and paper.

In order to adapt, firstly, understand if this is a development you seek, secondly ask yourself if this is a space that gives and doesn’t take; as you give, don’t expect to receive, just continue to give. That is the true meaning of the concept of adaptability, believing in your next move.

Close your eyes, and put your mind in a place of comfort. The thought of tranquillity alone brings your vessel peace. Your soul will always yearn for more, so allow the acidity to freeze as it becomes fluid like the stream beating through your veins.

Like the chameleon, turn to each shade with valour and heart.